Catch Basin Repair

Orion Construction Co. rebuilds hundreds of catch basins every year in Southeast Michigan. Unfortunately the freeze thaw cycles in Michigan takes its toll on these structures. Maintenance is necessary to ensure a safe and functioning parking lot.

The Repair Process- Orion saw cuts the perimeter of the area around the catch basin a minimum 6'x6'x8" and removes the damaged asphalt or concrete. Deteriorated blocks or brick will be replaced and mortared along with installation of edge drain. The existing frame and cover is set to grade for proper drainage. There is an option to fill in the area with 4000 PSI concrete collar or 1100 grade asphalt.

We install and maintain all types of catch basins and storm drains. The ability to understand and manage ground water is an important aspect of preserving asphalt. Our years of experience have proven to us that installation of edge drain is one of the most important aspects of building a quality pavement. Orion Construction Co. is ready to help you maintain your investment.