The professionals at Orion Paving Co. are experts at the Milling and Resurface process of parking lot reconstruction. The cost and down time savings can be substantial on larger projects. Asphalt Milling is an extremely effective and economical way to remove the wearing course, or remove asphalt full depth. After the area is prepped we pave the site with new asphalt. By properly adjusting slopes and grades while milling, we are able to ensure positive water drainage. With the oversight of our expert technicians and engineers your parking lot will be safe and functional. Let us help you protect your investment.

Partial Milling is the process of removing the top 1.5″ to 2″ of wearing course asphalt ONLY.  In many cases, the base asphalt layer remains intact and a new layer of wearing asphalt is installed on top of the stable base asphalt layer.  Ultimately, this process provides Orion’s customers a significant savings!

Full Depth Milling is the process of removing the entire asphalt surface 3″ to 6″ (binder and surface asphalt layers).  The overall thickness may vary based on, A. the original thickness of the parking lot or B. how many times the parking lot has been resurfaced.  Once this process has been completed only the stone sub-base remains and minor sub-base work is required prior to asphalt installation.

Milling is a much faster and safer technology for removing failed asphalt, cutting the removal time by 50% while further reducing interruptions to traffic flow.

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